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La Paz Tour Bus

Tour Bus

  • You will visit a gorgeous city and will have an entire view from a very comfortable double deck bus with anatomic seats and modern audio system. The panoramic deck allows you to take the most beautiful and interesting pictures of La Paz. 

  • This is the most complete sightseeing to enjoy the stunning: Landscape, monuments, people, contrasts and culture of La Paz. 

  • A very sophisticated audio system allows a simultaneous narration in 7 languages with 13,300 words in 174 paragraphs.

  • Every seat has an individual selector for the language and complementary headphones are included for each passenger.

  • The tour guide is in charge of synchronizing the narration with the city tour, so every paragraph of the explanation is related to what you are observing at the moment.

  • Languages: Spanish, English, Deutsch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese.

  • During the city tour, there are 2 Stops of 10 minutes each: Downtown Circuit: “Mirador Killi Killi” and South Circuit: “Moon Valley”.

  • You can get off and get on every time you want in any of the bus stops clearly indicated by a sing “parada-stop” in many corners along the city.

  • Circuits: “A” Downtown and “B” South area and Moon Valley.

  • A complete sightseeing “A” and “B” in the morning and in the afternoon.

  • Aprox. Time circuitA” 1;45 hrs and “B” 1:30 hrs.

  • You will need around 4 hours for the whole sightseeing.

  • If you wish to do the whole sightseeing we suggest you to start at the Main Stop at the Plaza Isabel la Catolica.

  • Bus capacity:20 upper seats and 21 lower seats. Total 41 passengers.

  • Rain season: Max. Capacity is 27 seats.

  • For more information please contact us to te following e-mail:

Daily Tours

Main Stop:
Plaza Isabel la Catolica

A Downtown  09:00
B South Area Moon Valley 10:30
B South Area  Moon Valley 13:30
A Downtown  15:00
A Downtown  09:00
B South Area  Moon Valley 10:30
A Downtown  15:00
B South Area Moon Valley 13:30

Plaza Isabel La Catolica - Main Stop
Plaza Isabel la Católica

Our  Rate

  • Each circuit

  • Valid for 1 day


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